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YBA Kanoo Marks International Day of the Elderly - YBA Kanoo

أغسطس 6, 2017

YBA Kanoo actively supports the Bahraini society and complies with the company’s policy to fulfill their social responsibilities. The company’s recent social activity coincided with the International Day of Elderly. In association with the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo concert and the Abdulrahman Kanoo Club for the elderly it honoured outstanding employees of the Club in the presence of the Governor of the Northern Province, Mr. Ali bin Sheikh Abdul Hussain, members of the parliament and a large number of invitees.

On this occasion, Mr Nabeel Khalid Kanoo, Board Director expressed that the company’s corporate social responsibility is guided by core values that nurture human dignity, promote creativity, and individual rights, and contributes to the welfare of needy sections of society. It also ensures that initiatives are flexible enough to evolve with time and can be adjusted easily. The company is eager to attract attention of the elderly group and encourage them, which will reflect positively on their psychological and morale that will help them live a better life. The company is looking forward to such initiatives that contribute to the revival of the community as a whole, stressing the importance of communicating with the elderly that surrounds them with love. Mr Kanoo feels that he should give back to the society what he has received from them, and he also praised the excellent care and service provided by the Abdulrahman Kanoo Club for the Elderly, where it enjoys a good reputation in the Kingdom since it started.

For their part, the President and members of the Club expressed deep thanks and appreciation to the company Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo for their support to host programs and many other charitable works offered by the company. The activities included recitation of poems, honouring outstanding employees of the club, distribution of souvenirs and cake cutting ceremony, in addition to the touring of the Club facilities.