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Abrar Khan

General Manager

P&IP provides sustainable solutions to utility companies and the GCC industrial sector as a whole through smart engineering and value-added services. Its major business segments are Power, Energy and Industrial Products.

Kanoo Power

Kanoo Power is a specialised end-to-end solutions provider of high quality plant equipment and customised services in the field of power generation. It offers retrofit and rehabilitation solutions, upgrades, maintenance and comprehensive training programmes as a means to achieving maximum efficiency in the utility sector.

Kanoo Power's main activities are Roteq services; engineering supplies; electrical & diagnostics services; transmission & distribution services; controls & automation services, environmental services and Akkwatekk.

Roteq Services

Supply of gas turbines, spares & consumables Repair of HGP components for GTs Reverse engineering of HGP components for various turbines Supply of filters & retrofit of air inlet filtration systems for GTs Relocation of gas turbines

Electrical & Diagnostics

Transformer Testing & commissioning Condition assessment Repairs & accessories

Motors Generators

Repair, refurbishment, RLA Diagnostic equipment services Videoscopic – boroscopic inspections • Hydrogen generation services


Partial discharge Accessories • Testing & commissioning services


DTS System Earth fault indicators Partial discharge

Specialised Equipment

Thermal imaging systems Drones Corona cameras Protection systems NDT equipment Testing & measuring equipment


Diagnostics supplies & services Wireless temp monitoring Panel indicators

Transmission & Distribution

Transformer oil filtration & purification unit Ferranti OLTC, including supply of parts Supply, retrofit and testing of circuit breakers Transformer repairs and services Diagnosis of RLA of transformers & substations Oil filtration & oil regeneration services • Repair & refurbishment of Ferranti OLTC

Controls & Automation

Steam/gas turbine controls & retrofits with in-house field engineering capability Compressor anti surge controls Emergency shutdown systems Maintenance contracts Training for woodward controls Repair, calibration & upgrade of mechanical governors to digital governors Liquid & gas fuel valves repair and calibration Relays, rectifiers/over current protection systems/excitation systems HMI upgrade of Mark V control system

Energy Services

With almost two decades of experience in the field, the Energy Services department is a sector pioneer in power rental solutions, providing diesel generator sets in the utility sector.

Its solutions cover power rentals, sale of Diesel Generating (DG) Sets and implementation of small & medium turnkey power projects.

Other Energy Services

Repair services and overhauling of DG sets Reconditioning of parts & accessories Annual maintenance contracts Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of DG sets System upgrade and integration O & M of DG-based power plants

Kanoo Industrial Products (KIP)

KIP offers highly specialised products & value added services within select areas of industrial equipment & consumables; corrosion solutions; personal protective equipment (PPE); and fall protection equipment.

KIP supplies are supported by local stock and service centres manned by fully trained and certified specialists.

Industrial Equipment & Consumables

Hand tools Electric Tools Hydraulic Tools Air Tools Machine Tools MRO chemicals Fastening systems

Corrosion Solutions Range

Inventory preservation Mothballing Oil/gas/water process additives War readiness Electrical products Rust solutions Tank bottom protection Hydro testing additives

Industrial Safety Products

KIP offers a wide range of industrial safety products and solutions that cater to various industrial applications. Its world-class products meet the highest global safety and quality standards.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

KIP’s head to toe protection products and services include protective eyewear, hearing and hand protection, helmets, safety footwear and work wear, and skin care and PPE consultancy services encompassing site surveys, rentals and installation.

Security Systems

Kanoo Security Systems offers effective security solutions through a full range of products sourced from world-class suppliers and supported by an experienced team of consultants and engineers. It provides physical and electronic property protection and building security, in addition to installations and documents, including valuable computer data on magnetic and optical media.

Marine Services

Kanoo Marine Services is the principal marine maintenance service and equipment provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers marine navigation and communications equipment, including electronic radars, naval aids and communication equipment; installation & commissioning; service & maintenance, and radio surveys & VDR annual performance tests.

3M Capital Safety Approved YBAK Service Center, Dammam

This ARAMCO-approved capital safety fall protection products service and site inspections centre has had a medium form contract (MFC) with the energy giant for three years. The facility services approximately 100 to 150 safety blocks monthly.

Fall Protection Equipment/Services

KIP offers the most technologically advanced and world-class height safety equipment and services, meeting OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and CE international standards.

It provides product sales, installation and commissioning, inspection, surveys and recommendations, customised products/solutions, repairs & re-certification, audit, training and certification.

KSA Western Province:

Liyakat Khan
Regional Manager

P.O. Box 812, Jeddah 21421
Phone: +966 12 2636171 Ext. 370
Fax: +966 12 2632950
Email: liyakat.khan@kanoo.com

KSA Central Province

Imteyaz Ahmad Khan
Regional Manager

PO Box 753,Riyadh 11421
Phone: +966 11 4914624 ext. 254
Fax: +966 11 4916315
Email: imteyaz.khan@kanoo.com

KSA Eastern Province

Ashfaq Ahmed
Regional Manager

PO Box 37, Dammam 31411
Phone: +966 3 847 1525 x 111
Fax: +966 3 847 3420
Email: ashfaq.a@kanoo.com

Business Unit Head- Energy Services KSA

Operations Manager

P.O. Box 812, Jeddah 21421
Phone: +966 12 2636171 Ext. 350
Fax: +966 12 2632950
Email: prasanth.karunakaran@kanoo.com

Divisional Manager UAE

Raman Marwaha
Kanoo Energy LLC (P&IP)

P.O.Box : 290, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 4 8011999
Fax: +971 4 3930810
Email: raman.marwaha@kanoo.com


Mohammed Ehtheram ul Haq

Sales Manager
Phone: +973 17738217
Email: mohammed.ehtheram@kanoo.com


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