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YBA Kanoo Group Roadshow Success - YBA Kanoo

March 11, 2018

Around eight hundred team members attended a group-wide roadshow held by the Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Group (YBA Kanoo), one of the largest, independent family-owned multinational businesses in the Middle East which has been established for over 128 years. Employees attended the week-long roadshow which took place across four cities, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Bahrain.

The Vision 2020 Roadshow aimed to impart onto employees YBA Kanoo’s Vision 2020 business strategy, which started in 2017. The Vision is based on four key pillars which are Customer Focus, Transformation Programme, Strategic Risk Management and Compliance. These pillars fall right into YBA Kanoo’s business groups, namely Industrial & Energy, Shipping & Logistics, Kanoo Capital, Kanoo Real Estate and Kanoo Travel.

YBA Kanoo Group CEO Dr Patrick Chenel gave a comprehensive presentation that highlighted the success of the first year of Vision 2020, how the business is growing, and how to better serve clients. YBA Kanoo is moving from traditional trading to being a solutions provider, and looking to significantly increase the top line by 2020.

“The rigorous transformation includes the central philosophy that the Group functions more effectively as ‘One Kanoo’, instead of having its divisions operating independently,” Dr Chenel said.

“We wanted to give our employees a full picture of how the group’s activities have unfolded over the past year, including showcasing the restructuring of some of our business groups, making them more robust and updated with the latest market trends and needs.

“The world is transforming rapidly. Change is about adaptation, and we need to adapt to the new rules of the rapidly shifting reality. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we need to adapt to change in our environment.”

Open discussions took place during the event to discuss group wide strategies, from YBA Kanoo’s Shipping division seeking to expand globally, to Kanoo Travel’s aim to provide state of the art corporate travel solutions to a wider audience, while discussing the philosophy of adapting to constant changes in today’s market reality.