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Executive General Manager

YBA Kanoo's portfolio includes residential, commercial, and industrial real estate across Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

YBA Kanoo’s Real Estate division is one of the main pillars of the group today, with project development, project management, asset management, and facilities management becoming core lines of business, and a portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and industrial real estate across Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

A highly skilled and experienced team of asset managers, project developers, engineers and craftsmen work hand-in-hand to support the group’s real estate model and strengthen YBA Kanoo’s position as a leader in the market.

Project Management

The Project Management arm aims to provide viable solutions to the complex challenges of existing YBA Kanoo properties, relying on its expert team’s technical skills and strategies.

In cooperation with the Planning department, the group’s project managers undertake a holistic planning approach aimed at making the most of the group’s property assets.

Project Development

YBA Kanoo’s expert teams work in tandem with the municipalities to ensure that all guidelines and regulations are met when obtaining building permissions, conducting market research, coming up with concept designs, undertaking site analysis, adhering to property and building laws, arranging transport, and working on site development.

Asset Management

YBA Kanoo’s Asset Management team monitors and maintains value-based entities such as buildings, human capital, finances, intellectual property, and goodwill. It employs a cost-effective process to manage and dispose of assets accordingly.

Facility Management

YBA Kanoo’s Real Estate team provides a range of services designed to optimise efficiency across its properties and projects portfolio. With expertise in technical systems operation, CCTV maintenance, and modern cleaning equipment, a dedicated team ensures that all of properties and projects are well maintained.


R S Manohar

General Manager
Phone: +973 1722 0762
Fax: +973 1722 9122
Email: manohar.rs@kanoo.com


Girisha Siddappa

Property Manager – UAE & Oman
Phone: +971 4393 3633
Fax: +971 4393 3636
Email: girisha.siddappa@kanoo.com


Rami Aljedaani

General Manager Real Estate, KSA
Phone: +966 2 263 6171 Ext. 202
Email: rami.jedaani@kanoo.com


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